Safer Streets

Public Safety is a critical part of the foundation that makes a great city.  The Citizens of NLV expect and deserve to live in a safe community.  Although we all must play a role in keeping our neighborhoods safe through being good neighbors and getting involved, we rely  daily on the brave members of the law enforcement and first responders.  We need our police department to be the very best.  This can be achieved by improving these 3 areas:  1- Staffing 2- Equipment 3- Compensation.  THEY NEED OUR HELP AND SUPPORT!

Expand Economy

The City of North Las Vegas has made positive economic gains over the past few years but we have a long way to go.  Another key element of a great city is a strong and diverse economy.  NLV must focus on attracting new business and industry to the city.  The city must also treat current businesses and business owners as “our best customer.”  NLV needs to create a climate for business that has ease of use and an even playing field.


Build the Brand

The power and strength of any good brand is built on public perception and opinion.  The City of North Las Vegas has many wonderful things to offer its residents and future residents.  We must build a brand for the city that conveys a message that NLV is the premier city in southern Nevada to live, work and run a business.  A strong brand for NLV cannot be built on empty promises or behind a facade.  If the city provides a safer community and strong diverse economy, then the brand can be built.